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Exchange or return policy

Conditions that must be met by the items for return or exchange
– Customers have the right to return any purchased items if a manufacturing defect appears within 30 days of receiving such items (purchased) from the seller or seller’s representatives. Items may be returned if consumer properties, factory labels, and ready-to-sale condition are maintained.
– To return items, customers must provide a copy of proof of purchase and complete the return request form.
Rules for returning and exchanging items with detected defects:
Customers have the right to refuse to receive items and request a refund. In this case, the items must be returned to the seller, and the consumer property, factory tags, and ready-to-sale condition must be preserved.
Our return and refund policy is described above. According to Consumer Protection Agency law, stores are legally obligated to post their refund policy. If the store does not publish a return policy, the store is required by law to accept returns within 30 days of purchase if any manufacturing defects appear

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